• Adrian Agoes
  • Shanty Wulansari Rahayu Dewi
Keywords: Tiket Penerbangan; Layanan Tiketing; Agen Perjalanan; Online Travel Agency. (Flight Ticketing; Travel Agency Service; Online Travel Agency)


Even though the flight ticketing service has gone through some vast development by the rise of Online Travel Agency (OTA), but consumers is still using conventional travel agency ticketing service. This article discusses how a flight ticketing service is still going on in a travel agency and how are the consumers motivation in using the service. The research was conducted by doing an observation and interview to the manager of a travel agency, its ticketing staff, as well as the consumers of the ticketing service. It’s found out that the consumers’ motivation in using the flight ticketing service are vary. Some of them feels unfamiliar with the OTA application, some of them have difficulties in getting fine internet connection, and some are not convenient to amend the flight dates and having a refund through OTA. One of the suggestions is to improve the travel agency conventional service such as to increase the hospitality, improving the staff’s grooming, and conducting the service procedure well. These could keep the consumers in using the travel agency services. Further research is suggested to be conducted in other travel agencies, to find out whether the same phenomenon can be found or perhaps there will be other different occurrence. The study is intended to find out if consumers will be hundred percent switching to online reservation system or will the conventional travel agency services will still be needed.

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